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Is no one else alarmed that the trees are on fire?
And that little bits of flame are desperately plunging toward the ground.
Would someone please check my ears, I cannot believe this forest would exist without making a sound.
And look at these pine trees that are unbelievably tall,
won’t someone catch them before they fall?
Is no one concerned for the sky’s embarrassment?
What has been said that made the sky go that red?
And look at these aspens only partly dressed,
I can only ask who?
Who ever wrapped them must not have been looking,
for they left bits of bark still showing through
And who is to blame for the wind’s upsetment, listen to it howl so.

So who is to blame for all this disaster of the season?
I guess we’ll never know.

Why are there so many candles lit in the black table cloth sky?
And who upset the owls and the wolves? For at night I can hear them cry.
And to better light the night I would tell the moon to show her whole self, but I have to say, personally, I don’t know her.
And the sun sets
The far side of the mountain on fire, someone must have tipped one of the stars over.
And just look at all those leaves, it’s like they live on the ground now,
I’d tell them to go back to their trees, but I don’t know how.
And for goodness sakes! Is someone burning a fire in the sky?
Because the ashes are falling delicately and making me freeze!
And did the sun and clouds get in some fight?
Dark clouds cover the sun and shivering are the trees.
And whoever painted the mountains did such an awful job,
There’s still plenty of blank canvass showing right at the top.

I’m the only one who notices all these things out of place.
But— then again I don’t mind the morning air on my face.
I guess the sky is only excited and today the sun gets a break.
And the leaves are simply sleeping.
They’ll take all the time they need to take.
And I guess I should thank the clouds because really they’re being quite kind.
And maybe I’m cold, but the trees don’t seem to mind.
I guess I’ll just let the forest be
Who is to blame for all these perfect mistakes?

I guess we’ll have to see.